Male Chastity: the effects on a male

First there is the realization that things are changed once the male accepts and embraces male chastity. If he is locked up in a chastity device there are some things he will not be able to do. One of the hardest kinks popular in London.

He will not be able to play with his penis and to masturbate, so time and energy spent in doing this will be spared for other activity. Even in an apparently active and intimate relationship most men will still masturbate and ejaculate, often looking at pornographic or explicit images whilst they do so. Hours can be wasted in this activity. That’s why it’s better to wear chastity against porn trailers.

Concentrating and fantasizing about fantasies of reality from pornography prevents the man spending time concentrating on his partner, and fantasizing about her. Many men feel embarrassed about their masturbatory activity and fantasies, and now they are removed or curbed by the male chastity device

He will not be able to produce and erection of the penis as his penis will be confined by a cage or tube, or within a chastity belt, and he will not be able to penetrate a partner or ejaculate with the device in place.

This is a very big thing for most men, but this is not new for them, a when courting, or getting to know a woman they will have been frustrated a they move towards full sexual relations and they coped with this. Of course at that time they could still masturbate and they will be unable to do so now.

Most men in a relationship soon realize that their next period of release from the device and their next ejaculation depends on their partner and their ability to please her. They already know that they are at risk of irritating her with their behavior, leaving the place a mess, wanting to watch the sport all the time, not taking their part in the household tasks and that she may be feeling that they have not been intimate enough with her or shared her concerns. For a single man taking our course the same principles apply. Do not irritate your partner, or talk back at her, or swear, or your time in chastity between releases may be prolonged.

Hormonal changes that occur in the first week after a male orgasm, and continue until the next one include increases in testosterone and other hormones that increase arousal. Even without the hormonal arousal there is increased psychological arousal as they contemplate the wait for their next ejaculation. This puts them into a much more highly charged sexual state and this goes on and on and on. They begin to fantasize of what it is going to be like when they are released and the whole scenario feels so “hot“ and exciting. This is particularly so if a woman takes this opportunity to tease them and touch them and talk to them about the sex they might have later.

In a relationship the man begins to feel closer to their partner, and wants to do more for them. This is a little like the chivalric “knight“ who serves his “lady” and does all he can for her. This is not him becoming submissive and a wimp, just him realizing how important his partner has become and wanting to please her, though obviously hoping for a reward. He will become more loving and attentive and now is the time he will learn new skills and practice them until he is perfect.

Even before he gets into male chastity or ever puts on a device there is one massive effect of the process. Both the man and his partner have to talk about it. Both the man and his supervisor will need to sit down and discuss male chastity and how they are going to make it work. They will have to decide the rules which will apply and how it will be managed. This is a very intimate discussion, talking about sex, and also how a man will be gifting the key to his most intimate parts and their control to his partner.

All of this sounds as if it is going to be so wonderful, with the man so aroused that he is on the brink of an explosion all the time until he is released and has the best orgasm of his life. This may be true of part of the time, but the rest of the time he has to get on with all the other aspects of his life including work.

There are problems here, as most devices are difficult to use to pass urine standing up and he may have to sit to pass urine or he will make a mess. Having a device locked around your private parts the device may rub and become sore, so it is often necessary to experiment to find one that fits and is comfortable. Cleaning the area may not be so easy, but it is always possible, and your partner does not want you smelling or getting unwell or having a sore.

Work is rarely an issue, as the devices fit easily under your clothing and are invisible. No one knows how many men on the train are locked into chastity, or if anyone at work is in a similar position. This gives a feeling of being “special” and having a secret life, and this can be arousing as well.

Travel is more of a problem, especially with belt type devices and those that are steel or have metal locks as you cannot wear them and go through airport security without setting off the alarms. No matter you can take them off and put on after you have passed through security and you are certainly not going to be masturbating or need your penis functional when you are going through the security system. With the use of the plastic CB range and a numbered plastic lock this is rarely an issue as there is no metal lock to set off detectors.

Sport can be an issue, particularly with contact sports, where you do not want your colleagues to suddenly realize you have steel balls. For cycling and horse riding not all devices are comfortable.