Male Chastity Rules To Ponder: What’s Really Happening Behind The Scenes?

During the game, a special device is put on the man’s penis that prevents erection. It closes tightly on the lock and makes any stimulation of erogenous zones impossible. Visitors to sex shop often ask questions: “Is male chastity belt harmful?” Or “How to wear a chastity belt?” Let’s figure it out together. Here is the male chastity guide for you.

A bit of history

Imagine a medieval knight who goes on a long march. His lady of the heart is experiencing that on the road he will not hold on and will engage in self-satisfaction or sex with another. The only way out is to literally buy loyalty by ordering a leather and metal construction from a blacksmith that will keep the dignity of the loved one in captivity. Thanks to the lock, the keys of which will remain with the lady, the knight is no longer a knight, but a slave in a chastity belt. His sense of loyalty and desire to return home quickly increases dramatically. ” Just such an erotic legend offers fandom a “chastity belt”, but in life everything is a bit more prosaic.

The popular BDSM device owes its origin to the ancient Greeks. It was originally intended for women. With it, rich jealous men defended their beloved wives from sexual harassment by other men. Belts were necessarily worn by slaves: a woman who suddenly became pregnant was no longer considered a worker. The very first products were forged from metal and very heavy, but they fulfilled their purpose, and soon the whole world took up the idea of ??forcing the preservation of chastity. Guess what era the peak of sales fell on? That’s right, in the middle Ages. In the dark basements of the great inquisitors, the movement of BDSM slowly and truly sprang up.

The male chastity belt appeared in the Victorian era in England. Skeptical teachers believed that masturbation leads young men to madness and blindness, which means that their genitals urgently need to be isolated from the hands. In the XX century, such a device had the appearance of iron underwear with a “trap” in the middle. The penis and testicles were clamped in such a way as to block the flow of blood. It often hurt. Any attempts to loosen the grip or unclench the grip were cruelly punished. Fortunately, in our time, designers have tried to make the BDSM male chastity belt as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

How to wear a male chastity belt and how long is it worn?

We turn to the most interesting. An individual instruction is attached to each device. Very often, the belt must be self-assembled as a designer, while choosing the most convenient size of parts in the set. The penis is placed inside and fixed in a calm state. Then the device is closed on the lock and – voila! – you were captured. Each design is equipped with holes for hygiene and urination, which allows you to maximize the pleasure.

The man who wears the male chastity belt knows that the device has short-term and long-term ways of wearing. In the short term, it is used once (for example, as an experiment or during long foreplay). The second method is designed for long wearing, during which you will experience all the advantages of this device. Please control your feelings – it is very important not to feel strong discomfort as you make sure your male chastity cage locked firmly. If you are used to getting an orgasm every day, you will have to suffer. As a reward, you will find explosive pleasure that will exceed all your expectations. In addition, the fact that the transfer of their genitals in the possession of his beloved woman is very exciting many men. It is important to increase the period of wearing gradually – first day, then two, three – and you will not notice how sweet torture will last for weeks.


Should I wear a male chastity belt with a catheter?  

For lovers of thrills, modern belts are made with various additions for example, with a catheter for the urethra, additional weighting and even spikes inside. Remember: the male chastity belt is absolutely safe! No one forces you to wear it for weeks, unless, of course, it is not part of your sexual experiment. There are no medical contraindications. Be attentive to yourself. Unpleasant – remove and continue to practice another time. It’s just a game – albeit incredibly exciting.

Husband in the chastity belt: how realistic is it?

Unfortunately, the offer to try this practice offends many men. This is not surprising: they jealously protect their dignity and do not want foreign objects to cause inconvenience or pain. Some say: “I’m not gay – wear a chastity belt,” but this is completely independent of sexual preferences. It is enough to explain to a loved one that you adore his member and want to give him pleasure – and this is true! You want to be special, the owner of his orgasm. You will not believe how such trust strengthens the relationship – this is the advantage of the male chastity belt over other intimate toys.

What materials are belts made of?

The store presents belts from safe, pleasant materials. These are mainly plastic, steel and silicone constructions. All of them are hypoallergenic and subject to hygienic treatment. The choice of a particular material depends on your preferences. Our consultants will help you find the right one.

What are the most popular belts?

The most popular models in the world are the CB 6000 and CB6000S. They are in our online sex shop. The demand for them is simply fantastic – this is due to the convenience and universal size. Included are rings of different sizes, allowing you to create an individual product design. They are very pleasant to wear, have a few spare locks.

Experiment, surrender to voluntary slavery and experience the pleasure of freedom. Let yourself be locked up with love. Where there are reasonable restrictions, new opportunities are opening up. Right now you can buy a men’s belt of fidelity wherever you want. The sex shop will send you this wonderful device with great pleasure. The team of online store for adults wishes you a pleasant stay and fabulous orgasms!