I Didn’t Know That!: Tips for Better Sex and Harder Erection

So every man can increase his potency. Prof. Dr. Frank Sommer, the world’s only professor of men’s health at the University Medical Center Hamburg, and his team discovered the potency musculature in 20,000 men by means of a detailed potency research, and the opportunity to target them. How exactly this works, he explains now in his book: “The best sex of your life”.

Here is Dr. Summer exclusive 5 tips for a stronger sex performance of the man who can make him and her happier and happier and also lead a successful male chastity lifestyle.

Better sex with the winning pose

Our head can have a tremendous power. For example, the power to achieve goals, such as when talking to a supervisor to get a salary increase. The power of the head is also crucial for sexuality. You can train them at lightning speed. The special secret for strong sex is the so-called victory pose.

What do winners do? Winners raise their arms! The investigations of Prof. Sommer have shown that the subjects (by the way also applies to female test persons) have taken much better salary negotiations by taking this winning pose for only two to three minutes.

The test participants also found that sex was much better after taking the winner poser. This is not surprising, as in the blood of these men, a significant increase in the king hormone of the man, the testosterone, could be found. No drug can create a comparable effect, assures Dr. Med. Summer.

So, take the victory pose, feel victorious, pull your arms up and feel that feeling. Dare and try the winning pose just before sex. You will be amazed at the positive effects!

Exercise potency muscles

It’s a really exciting finding: every man has potent muscles that can be specifically trained to get firmer erections and last longer in the sexual act.

Where is this potential muscle?

The power musculature is anchored in the male pelvis. With a full erection you only see outwardly two thirds of the entire penis length. The remaining penis length is anchored in the pelvis. This part of the penis is surrounded by special muscles, these form the potency muscles. She can be trained like a biceps!

Even with a small training program, which can be well integrated into everyday life, you can improve this potency muscles. The scientific studies of Prof. Sommer have shown that the participating men were able to develop on average 53 percent more power in the potency musculature after only four months. Thus, the stamina of men during sex and the hardness of the erection could be significantly improved!

How exactly can the potential muscle be trained?

You can feel these muscles in the perinea area. It spans up, like a string-like structure. These can be tense, for example, in a sitting position. Then the muscles tense up. Now you hold this tension for a few seconds and returns to the starting position (pelvic feedback). This is repeated 8 times. This is, for example, a beginner’s exercise to get to know the power muscles and to train them.

Train your potential muscle with the help of these devices that you can find over here.

Increase circulation in the erectile tissue. Something for kings!

In sexual arousal flows a 40 to 100 times as high blood volume per unit time in the erectile tissue of the penis. Every man can specifically support and positively influence this process: through physical exercises such as the skipping described above and special foods! These should contain certain proteins such as L-arginine. For example, eating a handful of unsalted peanuts, almonds or hazelnuts has a quick and direct effect. Soybeans and lentils also contain potentiating proteins.

However, the protein from these helpers is quickly broken down again. If you want to achieve a long-term effect, you can also eat melons, cucumbers or zucchini. They contain precursors of the potentiating substances. For example, one quarter of a watermelon contains enough substance for a whole day. Here it is important to know the white-green close-to-watermelon portion.

Promote sex hormones with oatmeal

To get the king’s hormone right, you should take a cup of oatmeal a day. Studies have shown that certain compounds in the oats cause the biologically active testosterone to be boosted – the testosterone that works properly. In addition, vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage are responsible for the fact that the testosterone in man is not converted into female hormones (estrogens). By preventing and inhibiting the conversion of testosterone into estrogens, the total testosterone level increases. Therefore, men should take care to include these vegetables in their diet.