Gay Preferences: Why Being a Top Is Better Than Being a Bottom

Let’s face it — the struggle of bottoms is all too real. We’re sorry for all you tops out there, but the reality is that it’s much harder to be on the receiving end of gay sex. From anal fissures and a higher risk of HIV to regular enemas and slut-shaming, the bottom gay position is one hell of a task. In the following few paragraphs, we’ll go through the seven benefits of being a top gay man. So, let’s jump straight into it, shall we?

The Percentage Is Low

Although there are no studies — and why would there be any — very few gay men identify as being tops. On the other hand, bottoms are almost everywhere. Picture it like this. You enter a gay club, order a drink from a bottom, turn around, dance with a bottom, hook up with another bottom, and finally go home with yet another bottom. It just seems like you can’t win. Cute and fuckable tops are rare as red wolves and pangolins.


Since the demand is so high and supplies so scarce, it’s safe to say that being a top is better than a bottom. It’s like you’re a drummer in a room full of guitarists trying to form a band. They can’t cope without you, and you have the privilege of being picky. Moreover, tops don’t have to be the most attractive studs out there. They only need to identify as dominant partners, and they’ll have a pretty good chance with any gay guy out there.

You Don’t Experience Anal Pain

Anal sex isn’t exactly the most comfortable way to enjoy intercourse. Regardless of your gender identity, being penetrated from behind even by the tiniest of cocks is going to hurt a little. However, if your partner is well hung, well, it’s going to be one hell of a ride. As such, anal fissures are common issues for submissive partners — bottoms. These can be pretty severe injuries and increase the risk of numerous STIs.


Nevertheless, the sex role of being a top means no such pain. Since you’re the one doggy-styling your lover, there won’t be any fissures on your bill. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should be ruthless and act as a power drill. Deep penetration doesn’t always mean better sex. In fact, it can ruin your experience and cause many problems. Therefore, we suggest that you take it easy and communicate with your partner regularly during sex.

No Need to Prepare Much

Unlike men and women who are on the receiving end of things, gay male tops don’t need any preparation to jump into action. This means no enemas and anal cleansing. You can have all the spicy Thai and Indian food you want and still have sex. Unfortunately, bottoms can’t enjoy the same thing. Before they can have sex, they need to douche properly to allow for safe and hygienic intercourse.


But it’s not just about hygiene. Being the bottom means physical exertion too. Gay sex positions can be quite a pain in the ass if you’re the one being penetrated — literally. Moreover, you need to work on your abs and quads to pull off sexual positions that make for great sex. And with this being the case, our gay positions preference is pretty clear — being the top rules!

Lots of Foreplay

Another top and bottom preference that makes it pretty clear how easier it is to be the dominant partner is foreplay. When you’re the top, all you need to do is plow. But to plow, you need to be hard, right? Well, your partner will do anything to make sure your penis stays erect and firm. You simply lie down on your back and relax as they mingle with your cock and balls, give you a rusty trombone, and talk all dirty to you.

Pleasure Coming From Your Dick

In case you didn’t know, there are several ways to experience an orgasm if you’re a man. Aside from stroking your penis, you can stimulate the prostate and cause a volcanic eruption of cum galore. However, to do so, you need lots of skill and experience. On the flip side, penile orgasms are as easy as one, two, three. This means that tops have it easier yet again, as their pleasure comes from their dicks instead of anuses.


This is, of course, regardless of your sexual orientation — men who do the penetration orgasm more often than their lovers. Moreover, you can finish your job in a minute or two and leave the bottom all stranding. They need to look after their diet, workout, and douche so that you come in and cum instantly. But, don’t be like that. Try your best to level the playground for both of you. There’s no need to be so selfish, is there?

Most of the Time, You Are the Dominant

You’re probably aware that we’ve been referring to tops as Doms by now. Well, even if this doesn’t have to be the case for every gay guy out there, tops are usually the dominant partners in relationships. They fire the shots in the bedroom, control the intensity, and choose positions. It’s simply the job’s perks.


However, this isn’t exactly what all gays want. Some like to be submissive as it fulfills their fantasies or just works with how they feel on the inside. Therefore, being dominant isn’t necessarily better than being a submissive bottom. You can, moreover, be a dominant bottom and still make a sexual relationship work.

HIV Risk Is Low but Never Zero

The sad truth about being on the receiving end of any anal sex (gay in this case) is that there’s a higher chance of HIV. Due to unavoidable anal tearing and fissures, the risk of all STIs and the human immunodeficiency virus is always high. Yet, tops don’t have that problem. Well, at least not in the same percentage level. Gays who penetrate partners can still get infected, but the chances are pretty low in contrast to their partners’.


Luckily, with regular health checkups and the practice of safe sex, you can avoid HIV and all other complications that come with it. You should, therefore, always use protection and test before engaging in sexual activities. It’s also important to know who you’re sleeping with, as many risky people are lurking out there. This goes for both the top and bottom roles. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re safe if you’re the Dom.