Best Sex Toys Guide: Find the tricks to enjoy more

It’s tempting to just grab fleshlight and just go on, but some moments of preparation can help you achieve a much more satisfying orgasm. Follow our tips to use your fleshlight and you will enjoy even more of your unanimous. Know that this is the sex toy for any age.

If you’re having horror thoughts about kegel balls, try these on fleshlights first.

How to use a fleshlight

  1. Remove the gel set from the plastic case and place it in a sink with hot tap water or run it under running hot water for one minute. Keep in mind that does not use too hot water.
  2. Warm the gel set to the desired temperature.
  3. Shake off excess water and return the insert into the fleshlight case.
  4. Bring your lubricant and lubricate yourself, the opening of the insert and the inner duct. It can be exciting to simply insert your fingers into the Fleshlight channel. We recommend that you use an aqueous lubricant such as fleshlight lubricant.
  5. Penetrate your fleshlight and enjoy!

Fleshlight Sex Tips: On the back

Lie down on your back with the fleshlight in your hand and for it up and down on your penis. Try to rub the head of your penis with the fleshlight opening before pushing the entire penis.

On the stomach

Place your fleshlight under a pillow and enter as you would in a missionary position with a partner. Use your hands or forearms to support your body just like at six.


You can also pinch your Fleshlight by placing it between the mattress and the underlay on your bed or under your pillows. You can also buy a Fleshlight Shower Mount for hands-free enjoyment in the shower.


Most people like to leave the small “plug” at the end of the tube during use, as this creates a vaccine in the tube when you push it back and forth on the penis. If you take out the small “plug” you can use your hand to limit the airflow at the bottom of the device to increase the feeling.

A Fleshlight is definitely the man’s best friend. It says no to six, it’s always wet (with lubricants, but still) it’s easily accessible and is always ready for a quick ride wherever you are. We call it “the world’s best girlfriend”. If you do not have a “Fleshie” at home, you should get one now!

But, what is actually a fleshlight?

Fleshlights are loose laces that are made in the natural feel Real Feel Super Skin that feels very realistic and adapts to your penis. The material is both plastic silicone phthalate and latex free. It’s actually the most popular on a product for men ever!

The cover itself looks like a flashlight, which allows it to be discreetly taken on travel, or at work. There are a whole lot of different models with different textures inside that massage your penis like a nice and tight mouse. If you use a warming lubricant, you can hardly notice a difference.

There is also a series called “Fleshlight Girls “where you get the opportunity to have sex with the most famous and hottest porn stars in the world. These Fleshies are direct castings of the mice, vaginas, and anus of the porn stars. Many men gather on these special loose lines.

How do they work?

Use an aqueous lubricant and for the penis in the opening and then as far as it feels good for you. With the lid on the underside, you can create a vacuum that gives a more intense effect and your penis is stimulated even more if you want.

If you are having trouble getting up early, you can actually practice your stamina with a lazy page: practice a little every day and you will notice that you will be able to live longer and longer without coming. There is a special model for that particular purpose, Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit – a model that is extra stimulating thanks to the texture. They’ve really thought about everything and everyone, thank you Fleshlight.

They cost a lot, so how do you take care of it the best way?

After washing your Fleshlight with warm water after use, we recommend spraying a little antibacterial Fleshlight Care Fleshwash and then sprinkling Fleshlight Care Renewing Powder to counteract abrasion and to maintain the same soft feeling as it was new. Take care if it lasts for a long time!

Which model should you choose?

Of course, it is individual and we cannot really say which Fleshlight suits you, but take a look at this page where they rank different textures for inter alia intensity. This is a very good guide we think. Here are also information about the porn stars in the Fleshlight Girls series and good descriptions of how the different textures feel. You can also come in here at the store and we will help you choose a nice model.

Other tips and accessories:

Of course, there are a number of accessories that make your masturbation even better – A Fleshlight heater makes your oneness even more beautiful and more realistic. It turns your lip page into a warm and natural vagina. Easy to use and quickly warms up your Fleshlight so you do not have to wait when your lust falls on. The heating rod fits all types of fleshlights. Fleshlight Shower Mount can be stuck on even, hard surfaces with a suction plug so you can enjoy the shower with natural, swinging movements completely “hands-free”. Then you can use your hands for something else, such as tapping your other erroneous zones.

Toxic forms of masculinity limit masculinity to such an extent that any deviation from the norm means that you are no longer a man. The idea that sex toys are needed only by “not courageous” men also influences the way they are advertised – for example, masturbators are often positioned as trainers for increasing endurance, which should help a man in “normal” sex with a partner.

It’s not directly accepted to talk about the use of sex toys, the exclusive distributor of the Fun Factory brand in the USA. All American men in words are not gay, not bi, but exclusively and only one hundred percent straight people who always rely on their manhood and only on him. And if about sex toys all the same it comes, then all the talk about it will be at the level of anecdotes and greasy joke. No one ever admits directly that he bought himself something in the sex shop, except for a pack of condoms – in any case, if we are talking about the generations that were formed in the 70–90s. ” At the same time, Lenz notes that younger men are more liberated in matters of sex gadgets. “Normalize” the use of sex toys help paired gadgets and that couple’s need in order

Lelo produces toys for women, men, and couples. Toys for women this is the most popular category and the most extensive to date. However, toys for men are now about as popular as toys for couples.